Listen to the CEO of  Sinapsi s.r.l. Ing. Massimo Valerii, also Chairman of KNX Italy, explaining in short for CASA&CLIMA magazine the equoBOX product’s family.

What is Smart Metering ?

Contabilizing means counting the amount of heat used by a single unit for winter and/or summer air conditioning and/or hot water production.
The smart metering and thermoregulation systems allow you to independently manage the heating of your home while living in a condominium.

The recently updated UNI 10200 standard establishes the principles for a proper and fair distribution of winter air-conditioning and sanitary hot water in condominium buildings, whether or not equipped with thermal energy counting devices, distinguishing voluntary consumption of the energy of the individual real estates from all other consumption.

By installing particular devices, it is possible to adjust the temperature of your apartment (thermoregulation) by paying only the heat actually consumed (smart metering) in order to rationalize consumption for loss reduction and cost containment, while safeguarding the life quality.

Who is involved in this process ? 

The chain of people involved in this new rule is mainly divided between those who install the thermoregulation and smart metering products.
Technical designers are involved during the installation phase, which determines the type of intervention to be done through a targeted project. Then the thermal installers/maintainers for the part of thermoregulation and for the smart metering systems. Condominium administrators can take advantage of the web interface of our RTU or they can access field read data in the various forms made available by the system. Obviously, the resident is indirectly benefiting from this system by paying only and exclusively for what it actually consumes.

The philosophy of the equoBOX system

The philosophy of the 4 pillars of the equoBOX system is closely linked to the history of Sinapsi and the propensity to open source mentality that for more than a decade the company promotes and carries on all of its product family. Open, scalable, easy-to-install systems that do not limit the customer but make it indipendent have made the success of Sinapsi and its products.


The scalable structure of equoBOX family products allows you to offer a variety of solutions to meet the various plant requirements, while respecting the real needs of the user, for maximum cost savings.


equoBOX is EASY TO INSTALL, in a matter of minutes you can configure the whole system. With only one key, the user can start the network scanning process and field device recognition.


equoBOX is OPEN and INTEGRATED because it guarantees compatibility with the most popular counters on the market. The web interface, already aboard the RTU, allows you to quickly and easily configure all system parameters, while also providing intuitive access to data, notifications and alarms through the most common consumer technologies: WEB browser and APP smartphone.


equoBOX is COMPLETE because its wide range of devices allows the metering of different sizes coming from different sources: thermal and refrigerating energy, hot and cold water, electricity, gas, gray water, urban solid waste. EquoBOX provides data security, shows a precise and timely detail of consumer information, making it aware and able to pursue energy efficiency. By optimizing and reducing your consumption, the user achieves remarkable economic and environmental savings.

Devices that make up the equoBOX system entirely designed and manufactured by Sinapsi s.r.l. and totally Made in Italy.