equoBOX is an extremely flexible tool that can support you in various application areas:



In buildings with a centralized “horizontal distribution” facility (the most recent typology) direct smart metering is used.

This is only achieved when there is a single point of access to the plant that serves the apartment where you want to “measure” the energy used.

It is therefore necessary to install, at the entrance of the distribution of the heat distribution system towards each real estate unit, a heat counter that measures the thermal energy voluntarily withdrawn from the centralized thermal system through the thermoregulatory devices.

The instrumentation therefore allows each user to charge only what he actually consumes.


Indirect metering is used in buildings with a “vertical distribution” centralized system.

Indirect heat metering, on the other hand, involves the use of devices or other h.c.a. installed, together with the thermostatic valve or other thermostatic actuator, on all heating elements (radiators, thermocouples, etc.) of a heating plant of each property unit, thus allowing to set, in each room, the desired temperature. These devices allow an estimate of the thermal energy released in the room by the single terminal whose sum will give the estimate of the heat provided throughout the apartment. To achieve energy savings, heat smart metering and thermoregulation of the energy delivery of the individual terminals are required.

Currently the laws in force in the field of new heating systems require the adoption of thermostatic valves that must have at least two levels of temperatures (one for day comfort and one for night use).


Just as for the residential sector even in the industrial environment to be aware of the consumption of your company through monitoring, inevitably leads to resource efficiency.

The equoBOX system can monitor the consumption of the various departments of the company from an energy point of view as well as various other quantities through a series of sensors that translate the measured size into a protocol between those already implemented in the various equoBOX devices .

It is thus possible to use the equoBOX system devices in multiple contexts within the factory or production site. You can also monitor the magnitudes of moving objects within a specific area or monitor multiple production sites while comfortably sitting in your office receiving any alarm messages.


Business consumptions are very important today as they become a high expenditure item. Monitoring them can highlight where to go about optimizing your infrastructure, potential malfunctions, or highlighting bad habits from your staff.

With the equoBOX system you can do this from the single store to the chain of shops. It is also useful in shopping malls since the Smart Repeater Sinapsitech ℗ allow extensive coverage in the free field and the RTU allows the grouping of meters (a group for each store) with related reports available in the most common formats.

All of this can be safely consulted by a single web interface by connecting remotely to the RTU. In this case, the management of the shopping center can keep track of all consumption and alarms.