Suitability of remote energy consumption reading systems

Position of the ANIE CSI Smart Metering Group on Directive 2018/2002

The document aims to illustrate and motivate the position of Smart Metering Group of ANIE CSI in relation to the evaluation of the different remote reading systems of energy consumption.

The SMG group believes that mobile reading technologies (walk-by mode, in which a reader travels on foot personally to take meter readings, or drive-by mode, in which the reader travels with a vehicle near the meters) should not be considered suitable technologies for remote reading.

On the contrary, it considers that only technologies using fixed AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems for automatic reading with remote data transmission over the internet (or other computer transmission means) can be considered as technologies suitable for remote reading.

In fact, this position follows the guiding principles of Directive 2012/27/EU and its subsequent amendment 2018/2002, according to which the aim is to empower consumers by providing them with better quality information on consumption and sufficiently frequent, thanks also to technological advances that now provide tools capable of sending data at quarter-hour frequencies.

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