The Smart Meter in the trend of digitizing utilities 

Milano | 17 October 2019

Annual appointment promoted by Anie CSI’s Smart Meter Group, now in its seventh edition.
During the day there will be an overview of the developments and trends of second generation meters, as well as the impact of new communication technologies NB-IoT, LoRa.
This will be followed by insights into many applications and case histories with an afternoon focus on the water sector.
Among the topics covered:
  • Evolution of the Smart Meter market and penetration of static technology in relation to new communication technologies
  • New communication technologies for Smart Metering. State of the art for NB-IoT, Lora, 169 Mhz, PLC
  • Data availability and customer awareness after Chain 2 in the electrical sector. Evolution towards gas and water
  • Point-to-point applications VS point-to-multipoint for gas and water
  • Smart Meter and data communication. The “choices” of the MISE
  • Smart Metering, DDS and Water Utility digitization. Investing in innovation

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