Monitoring of communication performance between second generation meters and user devices – Chain 2

10.30-13.00 a.m.
Morandi Hall – FAST Congress Centre
Piazzale Morandi 2, Milano

The seminar will illustrate the results of the monitoring campaign, conducted throughout 2018, on the communication performance between the new second-generation (2G) low-voltage electrical energy meters and User Devices (so-called “Chain 2”).
The seminar, organized by the Authority and attended by CEI, Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano, RSE, Ente di Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, e-distribuzione and the companies that took part in the monitoring (device manufacturers and commercial operators), aims to allow a technical discussion in the light of the results that will be presented, and is therefore open to all stakeholders.

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SINAPSI is present to take stock of the situation. It will explain his considerations and share his experience of the first 18 months of Chain 2 in the low voltage electricity monitoring market.

SINAPSI was the first company to install its own User Device, IoMETER2G, as part of the trial, at the end of December 2017.
The installation of the new smart meter 2.0 gives the end user the opportunity to have knowledge and awareness of their electricity consumption in real time in a totally open way.
This is possible thanks to the integrated and combined use of the new 2G electric meter and the Sinapsi User Device.

The availability of the consumption data, of the notice of disconnection and of exceeding the thresholds in real time opens the way to new application solutions in the field of energy efficiency and to a real integration between home automation systems and the electricity meter of the distribution company.