Differentiated restriction/suspension or deactivation of the supply.

With resolution 311/2019/R/idr, the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment (ARERA) regulates the procedures and timeframes for the establishment of a notice of default and the suspension/restriction of the supply of utilities also in the name of condominiums and public bodies.

The measures taken shall respect the rights of the user and take account of the economic and financial equilibrium of the management:

  • guarantee the minimum vital quantity necessary to satisfy basic needs. In the first place, vulnerable users such as domestic users living in a documented state of economic and social hardship and users for public use that cannot be disconnected are protected;
  • promote the proper exercise of credit management tools by the operator.
    Procedures are defined for the limitation/suspension of supply and for the possible disconnection of delinquent users;
  • ensure to the end user both the adequacy and transparency of information regarding the actions implemented by the operator to protect its credit, and the certainty of the methods and timing for their implementation.

Where technically feasible, the installation of a meter for each individual property unit is promoted, in order to make selective disconnection procedures applicable, so as to strengthen protection for resident domestic users and in particular for those who are experiencing economic and social hardship. In the most serious cases, on the other hand, provision has been made for decommissioning.

However, drinking water and water for hygienic use, as well as being a right of every man, concerns the dignity of the person, is essential for the full enjoyment of life and is fundamental to all other human rights.

It must therefore be guaranteed, protected and monitored to avoid unnecessary and costly waste.