Heat metering and thermoregulation: inspections start in condominiums with central heating

In Italy, from 2014, the obligation of the presence of individual meters in condominiums with central heating is in force. On 30 June last, the deadline for adjustments to the interior of homes expired.

The Directive obliges condominiums to install a heat metering system on each system, so as to be able to monitor its efficiency, through meters that measure the heat emitted and thermostatic valves that control and regulate the temperature.

Now the inspections start with heavy penalties from 500 to 2,500 euros for each owner of the buildings defaulting. According to data from the industry, only one in two buildings so far would be in order.

The controls are up to the Regions that must prepare the registers, as done centrally by Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. The other Regions, on the other hand, have delegated the inspections to the Municipalities with more than 40 thousand inhabitants. For the smaller municipalities, the responsibility for the controls lies with the Metropolitan Cities.