“Sinapsi offers solutions with router and bundle connectivity already prepared for 4G operation.”

We inform you that the telephone operators have communicated the intention to start a progressive withdrawal of network resources on 3G technology. The activity will take place gradually starting from 2020 NOVEMBER  and will be completed in the following months.

For all devices and services in 2G and 4G the continuity of service will be guaranteed without any impact compared to the current state. Only for devices connected through 3G technology, there could be impacts on the quality of service in case of data navigation.

As a result of this communication, SINAPSI has made every effort to provide immediately the necessary solutions for the correct operation also in this new network scenario. Sinapsi, therefore, offers solutions with Router and Bundle connectivity already prepared for 4G operation.

Depending on the case it is also possible to keep the old type of device.
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